04 June 2014

Gaming Over Time

I mentioned a couple of posts ago about how I have been playing Cow Clicker games over the past year on Tablets, and I've continued to do so playing different games in that time, amongst other time consuming games like Jetpack Joyride and Sudoku 2. (It's no different to Sudoku 1 except that it looks spiffier)

What's interesting is how I've continued to play them.  Since I've been here, I've loaded up the tablet with Clash of Clans, Samurai Siege, and Boom Beach and continued to level up and maintain my bases, continuing to build upon and learn strategies to take on various bases while treating my own like a Lamb Roast, letting it sit in the oven, hours at a time, and basting it occasionally.  That's how these games work.

Same goes with Skylanders Lost Islands and Tiny Village, though they lack the fun of competing against people and their ingenious bases.  You just go ahead and check on it and come back every few hours, possibly more, to collect and repeat.

Jetpack Joyride does the same now, a bonus every day where you ride S.A.M. (the Strong Arm Machine) and you collect money more frequently while batting off Rockets that trick you into missing, and in the main menu a countdown is shown so you know that at 8pm, S.A.M. is ready to ride again.

It just threw me for a loop the amount of hours I've spent waiting on these games over the past couple of months.  I would wager that once I've upgraded and collected everything, i would have spent more time waiting on it than I've played Borderlands 2, which is over 600 hours as it is.

And that's just madness.

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  1. Scott Janssen04 June, 2014

    Madness and awesomeness seem so interchangeable.