09 March 2014

Farewell, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, and Goodbye, Australia

Today is the day I move. I leave Australia for an a long time to live with the love of my life. At the time of this post, I should be boarding onto my plane from Brisbane if I haven't already left the tarmac.
I'm going to miss Brisneyland.  The familiar rolling hills, the smell of eucalyptus that occasionally wafts through me when I'm outside, and the general comfort of knowing that I am surrounded by people I know and care for.
But time for comfort is over.  I am uprooting myself for the greater good, for a greater future for myself and Jennifer.  I have spent the last few weeks, excited and panicky, about going to the US. Getting my stuff together, doubly making sure everything is correct, and answering everyone's questions about how excited I am to see her.  That, and working my arse off over the past week. I worked right up until this morning!  I may actually be a little drunk too.  My work mates are good to me, getting me ready to sleep on that plane.
But then all my mates are good to me.  And I love that.  That they're all happy that I'm going to the US to be with Jenny, and that they'll be keeping track of everything through Facebook and Twitter.  Especially when Jenny and I get Hitched on St Paddys day.
For those who wonder what the long term goal is, it will be to return to Australia. I do love it here and, frankly, I feel much safer and I want Jenny to have that feeling too.

Until then guys, thank you for looking after me and I hope to see you all soon, whether through internet or in person.