31 January 2012

You got Achievables!

When I play a game, the first thing I do is play through the campaign. I want the story, i want the feel of the game, I want the challenges offered by the designers of said game. From killing Snarling Gnarlbeasts of Gorflax, to Armies of Hyper Militarised Alien Humanoids. I don't put too much effort into doing things like scouring the area for secret collectables or areas containing cool items, because I'm more concerned with shooting stuff and/or solving puzzles.

This year, I want to collect those achievements that I've missed. It's my attempt at saving money. Yes there are games I want, and yes there are games that I am making effort to save money over the year for (first that comes to mind is Borderlands 2) but still. Last year I think I said about finishing projects which I didn't really get around to doing. Actually, I'm still determined to do my Legs Eleven List. (Which will cost me another $80 and some skillz) (and when I'm done, I'll have a post about it with an Achievables Unlocked joke thing)

24 January 2012

Unit Upgrades?

Today's release on the Privateer Press loadout is a Unit Upgrade for the Ironfang Pikemen, the Black Dragons, containing a new Standard for the Bearer, alternate shields for them to use which replaces the Khadoran Anvil with a Dragon, and a new card with a few different rules, particularly a different Mini-feat, a new Tactics ability and a reason to keep the standard alive for as long as possible. (According to Battle College)

It makes me wonder about other "Upgrade kits" other factions units would get. Temple Flameguard, Bane Thralls and Stormblades are the first that come to mind, but I have no idea what the second would be. I would hope Man-O-War, but that's just because I'm willing to expand my Man-O-War army to ridiculous levels. I already have 30+ models. (Add another 7 when I pick up the Battle Mechaniks and UA, yes I'm going to count them)

Console PC's

Not too long ago I did some fantasizing, and when i was done with that I thought about Nerd Hold and kinda veered off into case mods for computers, thinking about what I would have in some sort of classy studio apartment for a private club house of sorts.

But that's a place that will never happen, sadly. And I doubt I'll be getting into making a computer tower inside a Wooden Case any time soon. But in the mean time, I'll gawk and drool over things like the Alienware X51.

When I first heard about this the article said "Most consoles are like computers. So Alienware made a computer to look like consoles". That's not an exact quote, but you get the idea. I was interested straight off because you can get computers small enough to emulate a console, so you would think it happens more often!

So they made this little beast, at about US$700. Well, it's not really little. It's still bigger than the Xbox Mothership, but still smaller than most Computer towers, not to mention very slick. Though I do like some of the crazy stuff.

I've put that on my 2015 Xmas list, because I'm realistic and reckon that by that time Jenny will be here living with me and I'd have saved enough money for that.

Another thing I was told about was Steam's "Big Picture" mode, designed for people who play their Steam games through Televisions, providing Gamepad controller support along with certain titles that provide controller support. Honestly, I hope that it provides it to some of the older games, such as those in the ID Super Pack. I had fun playing Doom on my Xbox 360, and I would love to play Heretic and Hexen, and especially any of the Quakes, using a controller.

But I can't find any details on what games the Gamepad support will be provided to, or what blanket rule it'll have. Or even what controllers it'll work with. I would assume the Xbox 360 Controller, but one cannot be too sure.

So now that we have a console PC and Steam going to the Big Monitor (So to speak), what games would I want to play as such?!

17 January 2012

My Top Games of 2011

I recently read a blog post about what they considered their top games of 2011. So I figured I'd have a crack at it based on the few games I bought/Received that were released the same year. And because there were so few games, I figured I'd go with my top Seven. Cos there were only Seven games I bought.

Number 7: Halo Anniversary [360]

Halo Anniversary is pretty much what I remember it to be, except prettier. And I like that. My favourite level has always been The Silent Cartographer and remains to be, just now it's prettier. I would have liked to have seen an option to implement the modern system into the old halo levels, see how different the game would play as such, but you can't get everything. Still, Skulls and Achievements are a nice bonus.

Number 6: Skylanders [PS3]

It's a fun game, great for playing with kids, but I wouldn't say it was a ground breaking game in regards to Graphics or Storyline, but the Gimmick is really cool. The downside to the Gimmick? Well I've run out of batteries twice now since I've gotten it, so if they had given it a USB power source in addition to the batteries, I would've been much happier.

Number 5: Crysis 2 [PS3]

I liked Crysis 1, even if it was a little long. The Alien invasion idea is a great concept, and continuing on the story had a lot of appeal to me. to find out what is happening in other parts of the world as the whole place gets dug up from underneath makes me curious. But the game execution focuses better on Stealth and Assassination than alternating options. Not to mention, using a Pistol makes it a little too easy.

Number 4: Sonic Generations [PS3]

I may have mentioned that I am a massive fan of Sonic. Sonic is my childhood hero. So positioning may be a little biased. But I wanted to pick up Sonic Generations. And my only disappointment? The PS3 version has a controller lag. Everything about the game being a mad rush to get to the end without losing all your rings? It's all there, just the way I remember. If not a little quicker.

Number 3: Deus Ex: Human Revolution [360]

This, funny enough, came at the right time. I had a hankering for a scifi stealth RPG game and, with little idea what Deus Ex was going to be like except that I'd be running around as a Neo cosplayer, I got what I wanted. I had that urge saited. It was impressively tricky, well written and fun. I agree that the bosses, aside from the final boss, are a little disappointing, but cool none the less.

Number 2: Tactics Ogre - Let us Cling Together [PSP]

I have been really getting into this game again recently and I found that the story line becomes significantly different depending on the choices you make. Massive changes to what encounters your characters do, and what happens in the world itself. The story is significantly huge and I am astounded at how impressive it is.

Number 1: Gears of War 3 [360]

Favourite game by far. A little biased because the first two games are fantastic by themselves and the story is magnificent, but goddamn. Gameplay wise, it's still the same game it was in 2006 but for a few new features, weapons and a small changes (Such as the hammerburst reload) but the gameplay is much more hectic and playing campaign with more than 1 friend is fantastic. And getting into Horde is that much more fun.

10 January 2012

Two A Score in one hand, A Dozen in the other

So the last two weeks I've had off from work since the whole office closes up in that time period, from Xmas to about a week after NY's. It was good knocking off at 3 to go to Kel and Tash's place and playing with Alex before heading off to play Chrononauts, where we Assassinated and Saved Hitler at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games about a dozen times each, and one time caused the entire universe to collapse in on itself.

Lets see, then Xmas came around. The Elder sisters were keeping to themselves, mostly because of a silly debacle in 2010, so that left Mum, Younger Sister and I to drink wine and have bacon and egg breakfast. I'm sure there was a lunch as well, but buggered if I know what it was now. Younger Sister got some sort of present, again I can't remember, and I got a Tin of Baked Beans after an idea from a friend *Cough*AlbionLoveDen*Cough* since Mum had already given me my Xmas present early and there had to be something for me to unwrap. I got her a three pack of Ferrero Rochers.

Next was the day before Mum's Bday. With Mum getting me Skylanders as an Early Xmas Present, she invited the 10yo Nephew over to play with me. He'd bring over his Figures and we'd go nuts. So we did that for the better part of the two days he was here. We also played Castle Crashers for a little while. Got to the Alien Mothership before we decided to put it down and go to bed.

Mums Birthday rocked up and the entire Clan turned up (Eldest sister + 3, Second Eldest Sister + 2, Little Sister) with a Freddo Ice Cream cake. Laughs were had, and one child told off for being a bit too big for his boots (he asked Grandma something and when Mummy answered he shot back with a "I wasn't talking to you").

New Years was uneventful. Time ran down, we watched the Telly for the Fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, wished each other a Happy New Year, then flicked it over to a different channel to watch something more interesting before I went outside to call Jenny since I have trouble hearing her over the Telly.

Have I mentioned how much I love Jenny? Not to mention love hearing her voice? And how much I want her to come around? Because I think the cheeky bastards on Twitter are making all attempts to discourage her.

Y'see, one day she sents me a message asking how big our Lizards are. To which i reply "They're no Komodo Dragons, but they get to about 3-4 feet long". This is when I discovered that she has a thing about Lizards. She was watching House Hunters International with her parents, and the couple were looking at houses in Costa Rica, and one of them opened the bathroom door and a large lizard bolted out into the garden. Jennys Mum asked "Does that happen in Australia?"

Well no, not unless you live out in the sticks and have your windows open with no fly screen. And even then it's unlikely. Though Greybeard did get a Goanna nearby when he went to lunch with his wife one day. To which he took a photo and showed Jenny. Giggles were had, except by Jenny who was tempted to faint at the very thought of a lizard being so close.

Now she's getting regular stories about Children being strangled by a Python in far North Qld, and Crocs sleeping in peoples kitchens in the NT. Just wait until I start telling her about the Sea Creatures. I think I've only mentioned the Bullsharks.

What else did I do? I played a fair few games, that's for sure. I wanted to play Gears of War 3 with the boys, but the internet stopped me from doing that. It keeps cutting out the Cable TV signal, which Mum is usually watching.

I got into FF13 though, after holding onto it for so long without actually picking it up. I finally sat myself down and said "Right, lets play." I've gotten up to disc 3, and I'm not entirely fussed with it. It's pretty and all, and it has it's perks... But I'm just not that into it. I'm still going to try and finish it.

I'm back into Tactics Ogre, playing through the variant stories now, making a dozen (Maybe not a dozen) different saves, and checking out how different the stories become in the different chapters and moral choices. It apparently branches out to about 6 very different storylines at chapter 3, then they all fold into chapter 4 over some big event that I haven't quite reached yet. Actually, I haven't quite reached chapter 3 yet, but I'm working on it.

I've almost finished painting my Blood Bowl team. They don't look schmick or anything, but they're colour coordinated. Green Skin, Red Shirts, black Sunglasses, red tongues, metallic shoulder pads, brown pants. Yadda yadda yadda. If I wanted them painted well, I'm sure I can pay someone to strip them and paint them again. I'm going to work on some Ogre models I've had for... donkeys years actually... and get them painted up for D&D. We're facing Ogres a LOT lately.

I got my Xmas present from Jenny, the sneaky buggar. She said she was going to buy a present for her 10yo cousin, so she was probing me for what cool Lego stuff she could get him. But No, her cousin didn't actually get anything. I copped a massive Lego Alien Mothership, which is just short of 20" in diameter. THEN you spin around the ring, and it triggers a sound box! How cool is THAT!

But after telling mum not to get me anything at the beginning of the month, I would've thought Jenny would have done the same. Cheeky buggar.

So what to do for a New Years Resolution? Well I might bump it up to 1080i *badum tish*. But seriously, I think I'll start reviewing games that I play throughout this coming year. Figure out a formula for reviews, tben post them up and see what kind of reaction they get. Good, Bad, Constructive, whatever. Otherwise, Paint more and get ready for Jenny to come over this year!