29 November 2011

Video Game Junk

The other day I was trying to get music onto my Xbox by trying to find blank discs to burn the music on to copy them onto the HDD (Which didn't work out, you have to rip them from an Audio Disc, not MP3 Disc) but as I was searching around, I found an old Playstation disc. I had a look at the front of it and saw the title "The Hunter" on it.

There was only one game I could think of that this could be. It was a shitty little game that my friends and I played back when we were Teens. We found the game at the local Video 2000, hired it and played it until we could understand the game. Then we put it back and somewhere along the line, probably a year or two later, I found it again and picked it up permenantly.

I don't know why though. By a shitty game, I mean it's cheap and nasty. You play a Relic Hunter, who runs around a randomly generated Grid filled with 3 other Relic Hunters and boxes and flags. Then you're dealt cards from a stack of about 100 cards which provide one of a few bonuses when used, such as a Movement Bonus, an Attack Bonus, A defence bonus, offer a trap, or whatever.

Then you try and find one particular Relic which you've been hired to grab, and then you run for the exit. Which can be difficult because your movement is determined by a D6 and your movement bonus. You determine that by points you allocate when you make your character and each time you level up.

That's all it is. Oh, and if you run out of cards in the deck, the Dungeon Monster comes out and tries to kill you.

If I could turn it into a board game, I probably would, but for now I think I'll leave it for my Playstation.

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