28 March 2011

Last weekend of March

Bloody Busy Weekends are usually a bit of a hassle, but this one was okay for the better part. Friday night was out with Kel, playing Deathwatch until late with the lads.

Saturday day was a pretty fun day. Kel had the place to himself so he organised a day of gaming in the Man Cave. That was a great day except for the headache I accumulated near the afternoon. I have NO idea where it came from, though David suggested it may be the fluorescent lights. Not unreasonable, but surprising since I've never been affected by them before today.

Anyway, the better part of the day was involved in playing Warma-Hordes. I brought as much as I possibly could into my gaming case and it began with a game with Scotty. It ran as I expected as I was using my Man-o-war versus his Warbeast heavy legion, which meant I got surgically struck through the guts and lost.

It makes me wonder the viability of a Man-o-war army in this level of the game, though. It's something I'm going to have to discuss with myself on http://Warmathingy.blogspot.com.

Second game was much more successful against Disco and showed that certain models shouldn't be ignored. Particularly Great Bears, and their pick-a-nick backet thieving skills. It was a 75pt, 2 warcaster game, a level of game I haven't had the pleasure of playing before.

On top of that, he had a bunch of Elves. And the one thing I like about playing against Disco is that he has very very pretty armies. He used to play Pirates which looked absolutely awesome. And now he has Retribution of Scyrah, which are very pretty Elves. Even though I hate Elves, I will still admit that Disco's are Pretty.

Sadly, while they're pretty, they aren't very favourable to poor Disco. He ended up losing, and worst of all, after failing to kill Sorscha wh o was open to all suggestions of being Murdered. Standing on top of a hill, right in front of the opposing army. Granted, half the army were frozen which was convenient since one of the frozen units would've stuck her full of magic bolts, but there were still warjacks and unfrozen units that tried to lay into her, and would've succeeded in killing her... if only they hit.

Not only was Sorscha's defence stat against him (Def 16, Windrush +2 and Hill +2), but so were his rolls. I believe about 2 hits were made out of about 8 and they weren't the most fantastic damage either.

In turn, I stole Rahn's pick-a-nick basket, and Ravyn not only got knocked on her ass by a cold spell but copped a destroyer cannon to the head.

At least Disco was pretty while it happened. And he used his awesome laser line pointer (Laser Liner?) for a charge lane. I love seeing that thing.

The last game was against David, a somewhat new fellow to the fray of Warmachine, and freshly introduced to our mob (Except for Disco, they've already met). So we sat down for a game. I knocked off a few units and jacks to get down to 50 points and we sat down for some Khador vs Skorne Action.

I ended up losing, but it was a hard loss. My only regret was using the Great Bears defensively instead of using them to take out Molik Karn. That would've changed the end game a little. I think.

In the end, I lost, but I'm still happy it was a hard fought loss. I even had him sweating for a turn or two there as well after doing a rather devastating turn against him and then almost refusing to die when I was supposed to. I love Kommandant Irusk's Feat. 50% chance to not die? Game on.

But yeah, the Molik Train went “Choo Choo!” and thusly carved up seven shaves of prime Gurvaldt Irusk.

Good game though. I've got to get back into the use if Ironfang Pikemen and Great Bears. Just because they're wrong.

On another note, the Bombardiers have done a wonderful job, but I need to get them up front more to get more into range of their cannons or into charge range. I love these guys in Melee. I've had a good history of critical hits (more than the average bear) and getting extra attacks means more criticals, which means more killy.

Gotta love giant chainsaws.

Sadly, it was around this game that my headache came around. Don't know what it was but it was getting ridiculously painful and putting me off my game. David noticed it and asked if I wanted a short rest before we continued on which I greatly appreciated.

Eventually, it was game over and I went upstairs for a rest. Kel eventually found me since I'd disappeared without warning, and by that time my headache was all but gone. Now all I had to worry about was my knees which had been complaining since early in the day.

The rest of the night, I watched Scott, Dick and kel play Firestorm Armada on his fancy new Space Map. They played what was thought to be a simple game to get a grip on the rules and they played from around the time David and I started until about 11pm, shooting the shit out of each other. I'll leave the further details to Kel.\

Sadly, we didn't get around to playing Dystopian Wars as was planned, but we'll get around to it sooner than later.

Sunday was (finally) to go see Rango with Mum. It was alright. It's a classic western with an Athropomorphic Animal feature, and a handful of jokes, but nothing so funny that it was laugh out loud funny. That's pretty much my opinion in a nutshell.

After that, we had a wander around, got some groceries, went back to mums for a bit so I could watch some Inglorious Bastards, which I found was curious but I just couldn't keep attention on it so I just gave up and mum dropped me home.

At home, I played Dawn of War II – Retribution some more. I like Orks and happily there's an Ork Single Player Campaign in Retribution, along with almost every other race in the game. So playing Orks was a laugh and a half. Bad accents from a guy called Bluddflag, who has a nice Pirate Hat on; a Mek Boy called Mr Nailbrain; a Kommando Nob called Spookums; and a Storm Nob called Brikkfist. Every time I say the name “Brikkfist” aloud, I keep thinking I'm saying Breakfast.

Mr Nailbrain I find is the funniest and its because of the effect of one of his abilities, which causes him to explode every time he uses an ability. So when he goes to teleport, he explodes where he lands. Whenever he uses his Earthquake ability, he also explodes. Whenever he goes to repair a vehicle, he explodes. If he makes a sandwich, he explodes. Whenever he discharges his static electricity to make an explosion around him, he explodes.

This doesn't deal damage to him or friends, but it's still hilarious seeing him just constantly explode.

That was pretty much my weekend. I had more to say, but I got distracted.

23 March 2011

Latest in Wargames

Recently there has been an addition to my collection of Models and some more thought processes. For one, there's Dystopian Wars. My friend Juffo has picked up a mega deal and gotten a starter box of each faction.

I am going forth with the Federated States of America. Giant Paddleboats are awesome. And the starter comes with a load of stuff too! It's awesome!

Other news, the Imperial Idea is coming along with small, but effective, details being layered onto the Xdestroyer and is turning out cool. In my opinion it is anyway.

Concept Sketch for Imperial on Twitpic

Operation Remix hasn't gotten any further than a repositioned Juggernaut. Currently waiting to do a bulk order to Privateer Press before I move any further on that.

Bulk order also includes some other bits and pieces I need/want so I can fix up or 'Improve' on old models. Not to mention Battle Mechaniks for my next Man-o-War addition. And Parts for my Dioramas.

One idea is a Man-O-War Spriggan, so I've bought arms, the Lance and a Bombard Muzzle so I can convert them up into Shocktrooper-esque pieces. Another is the Gudrun Diorama with Gudrun himself and the Scared Girl from Nightmare, and also the Cryx Battlebox so I can do the Remix Diorama. Then there's replacing the head of my MK1 marauder, and also fixing my Karchev's legs because I can't seem to get the ones I have fixed.

Note to self: Must dig out Karchev Skirt for Imperial.

Something cool I heard the other night. Apparently there were going to be rules for 40k talking about Space battles on the sides of Space Hulks. I reckon that would be an awesome gaming table for 40k. Though watch out for the stained glass windows else you fall in.

Make some ramps; various bits and pieces jutting out from the side for cover; various dents for improvised trenches; a chasm or which open into the space hulk; an exposed reactor. Awesome stuff.

20 March 2011

Package C/O Jennys House, K-zoo

So a while ago, Jenny sent me a package with a variety of books that she wanted me to read, books she thought I'd like and appreciate. I looked at my Library and thought I should do the same.

And so I'm sending her these.

At a cursory glance, there would recognisably be a few Nerdy Novels. Starcraft, Halo, Gears of War being the easiest to spot on the climb down before noticing Terry Pratchett in bright and bold letters down the bottom.

Lets start there, shall we? Terry Pratchett hasn't graced Jennys memory yet, and though I've bought her the Tiffany Aching books, she hasn't gotten around to reading them. But she's a blitz of a reader, so I imagine that putting a novel and a trilogy on top of the pile wouldn't hurt.

The Bottom book is a Trilogy of Rincewind Novels, specifically Sourcery, Eric and Interesting Times. I figure its not a bad way to get into the Discworld because it gives a good imagery of life itself within the discworld.

Higher up in the list, fourth from the top to be precise, is a novel she would get about as much excitement as I did when I read it: Guards! Guards! It's rated as one of my favourites so I thought best to send it.

Back to the bottom and up a level we look at a brown book sleeved book that has faded gold title. Across the Nightingale Floor, a wonderful Japanese Medieval story based around a boy and how his life has gone topsy turvy. Not a comedic book, by any sense.

Next level up is one of my more recent favourites based on the Gears of War universe. Set straight after Geras of War 1, the main characters are followed as they go through their life of consistant war, while reminiscing on how these characters became to be who they are. It's fantastically written and flows fantastically.

Catherine Jinks is a random addition. I first saw this book in high school, and it was one of those books that I saw at a glance and just had to pick it up because staring at it wasn't going to get me anywhere. Eventually I bought all four of the books and now they're in my collection forever. Set primarily in the middle east, it tells of a young boy who is out of place during the Great Crusades.

Halo: the Fall of Reach. If you're gonna start somewhere, may as well be the beginning. I like Halo because it's an interesting sci-fi setting. The only thing that really bugs me about the entire series is that my friend Scott is one of those fans who, if you say anything wrong about it, he'll turn to you and tell you that it's wrong and why and explain in detail what it properly is. I won't get any further into that.

Anyway, moving on. Guards! Guards! is already talked about, so we won't spoil it with more spotlight. But suffering from more spotlight, even over the point of glare, is Myst: The Book of Atrus.

Anyone who has followed games around the late 1990's knows about Myst, a rather difficult puzzle game. This book is the prequel to it, I believe. I've never played the Myst game, but if ever I have the urge I can buy it for my PSP but 1: I dont, and 2: I have stubborn and somewhat petty reasons not to. It's what one would call a slow novel, as one would consider a movie slow, but each moment isn't wasted one describing how long and tedious someone walks.

Another video game novel is Starcraft: Libertys Crusade. This is one of two of the three Starcraft Novels I have, that I like. It follows in more detail the story of Starcraft 1, the Terran Campaign.

And last, but by far not the least, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Everything about this series, novels and games alike, are awesome. Full Stop. Awesome. I just can't say how awesome they are. I dived into the games, and fell head over heels for them, and the novels are just as good. Spy novels are fun, and this one proves it.

These are the books I'm definitely going to send to her. I am debating a tenth book, an omnibus of the ORCS books, but I'm on the fence about it. It's not exactly a book i'd recommend because it kinda twists suddenly towards the end, but it's a good action book that shows comradery at it's finest.

All well. Jenny will probably read it one day and maybe she'll demand why I didn't give it to her earlier.

The year is 1870.

In other news, more models have come my way thanks to Kel. This time it's Dystopian Wars. Victorian Steampunk Naval Battle? Sounds freaking awesome!

I had a little trouble working out what faction I wanted. Kel had chosen his two, the Prussian Empire because they have an Aircraft Carrier sitting on top of a freaking Zepplin, and the Kingdom of Brittania, so that he could impersonate the Colonel from Dr who.

"Righto lads. Chap with the teeth, five rounds rapid."

I didn't really want to go with the Empire of the Sun, because I just didn't find an interest in them, so I went with the Federated States of America. Which is good, because they look pretty awesome.

Sunday Night is Movie Night

Sundays of a fortnight are usually reserved for Movie Mornings with Mum. We'd go down to the Coffee Club, grab ourselves some breakfast (usually a scone with jam and cream, plus drink), grab our tickets (currently at $7 a pop thanks to mum hooking in on a special with the Cinema), maybe have a wander through the shopping complex to pass some time before the movie starts, and then discuss the movie afterwards while mum has a smoke, then go to mums place and chill for the better part of the day.

Occasionally we'll have guests such as my sister, Bub as I call her since for the longest time she was the baby of the family, or like the other week we had Kel join us.

This week Mum bailed out at the last minute due to finances, which is fair enough, so she rescheduled for next week to go see Rango.

But luckily, I also picked up a movie from Kel and Tash. After having a brief discussion about Mat Damons new movie, the Adjustment Bureau, they mentioned a flick I'd not heard of: Dark City.

Aghast at the situation, they scanned through the wonderful assortment of DVD's to let me borrow for the week. And tonight, with the house to myself and Final Fantasy IX nearing completion but interest waning, I picked the DVD out of my bag and slotted it in.

It's an interesting movie and definitely a thinker. Leaves something for the mind to wallow in, especially since my mind is pretty fkn faulty at the best of times.

But it's also making me wonder what other movies I haven't seen that would make Kel and tash reel back in horror. They only found out about a month ago that I hadn't seen The Princess Bride (*GASP!*)

17 March 2011


It's an eventuality that Jenny will be coming to Brisbane. It has to happen one day and the sooner the better. The latest that she'll be here is Xmas time but optimistically she'll be here around her Birthday.

But what to do? I knew that there are a few things we have to do, like if it's her birthday we'd go to GirlClumsys Birthday Party (I assume she'll have something awesome/fun planned), and for Xmas we'd have my family lunch/dinner and then New Years Eve down at South Bank, but what else?

First thing Jenny wants to do is go to Australia Zoo and Tackle... uh, I mean cuddle... a Koala. I suggested Dreamworld because when I first mentioned it to her, and how close it was, she demanded to know why I didn't visit it every weekend.

The Beach, Story Bridge, the Brisbane Arts Theatre, Family BBQ with my tribe, Dinner with Burgers, and dinner with Kel and Tash, lunch at Harrys Diner, and that was about it for my Brainstorming. Frankly I'm the first to admit to being a few bricks short of a house. And frankly, I don't know much about things that can be done in Brisbane. Nerd HOle, y'see.

So I turned to Twitter and asked what things I could do with Jenny. Fun places to visit and things to do. And responses flooded.
Ben C: Fortitude Valley on a Saturday Night
Pub Crawl, maybe even Burger dinner too.

Space Lizard: Straya Zoo (Australia for those at home). Also Currumbin Sanctuary also goes off like a Fish sandwich with US Tourists.
That's one of my favourite lines.

Greg W: A trip on the city Cat is a nice way to show off the city. And it would be remiss of me to not promote the Planetarium as well.
CityCat was echoed by Doc Y and Birmo, even suggesting a night time cruise.

Doc Y: Probably some sort of local sporting event too depending what season it is.
Which worked out with a later post:
Erin: How bout experiencing a Netball game? Do they have that in the US? You can come watch me fall over! And bring my shirt.

Doc Y: Mt Cootha, Goldie Beaches, Straddie, Glass House Mtns, Tamborine/Springbook, Pub Crawl, Mt Glorious, Wivenhoe and back through Moko Country.
Jeez we've got a lot of mountains. I think the Pub Crawl was silently resounded by everyone else.

GirlClumsy: Ooh, well if she's here 29 Sept-1 Oct we have an impro festival. Nov/Dec is How To Be A Man. Lots of things 2nd half of Year!
Oh Jenny would love to get on stage, hehe

Birmo: Overnighter to North Coast. Noosa, if the beach is back. Maybe a visit to Hughsey's Farm, I'll drive. Dinner and Drinks at Claret House. Riverfront walk around to Powerhouse for some Fkn Cultcher.
Very Generous offer to visit hughseys!

Erin: Games and Nerd Love at the Mana Bar!
We'll have to do that one with a Pub Crawl.

Del: Go Kart Track! Ripley's! Mt Tamborine! WEEEEEE!
I can't wait to get Jenny on a gokart. I just hope she doesn't WEEEEEE!

Gaz: Take Jen up to Binna Burra or O'reilys in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Scenic views etc. Tree top walkway at O'reilys.
Now she would love the tree top walkway.
And I think there's more suggestions coming. For two weeks, we're going to be rushed off our feet.

We may even have to rent some floorspace or a room for when we go down to the Gold Coast too!

14 March 2011


I'm a fan of Terry Pratchett, and recently I have been reading Unseen Academicals. The story is about the wizards of the Unseen University having to play the Poor Boys Fun, or Football. Because Terry is a Pom, he's meaning Soccer. And because I don't like using the word Football, I use their alternative names.

Rugby, Aussie Rules, Gridiron, Soccer, etc etc etc. That's just my thing to prevent confusion. Just don't use the word Football.

Anyway, I had an epiphany last night which had nothing to do with Unseen Academicals at first, but blossomed into it.

I was looking at Bloodbowl last night, the Fantasy Gridiron Board Game. I want to do Orcs because... well I like Orcs. I want to make a team because of 2 reasons. 1: Because some of my mates really like Bloodbowl, and 2: Because it's funny.

Then I thought I should make a Human team, a fairly even sort of team that one can make in Bloodbowl.

Now I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

So a Bloodbowl Team of Wizards. Conveniently enough, there are some Discworld Figures that one can purchase to add to the team, like Rincewind who would be a Catcher because he can run, but fingers crossed in the right direction. Should just put a potato at the goal area.

I'm not sure how many other Wizard Figures there are, but chances are there's Ridcully in there. I know that the Librarian is available, and he just HAS to be in the game. He can take the role of Ogre because he's as strong as one.

Cheerleaders I'd like to say are the Witches, but all I see are Granny Weatherwax looking on disapprovingly with her Pom Poms on the floor, and Nanny Ogg dancing on a table singing the hedgehog song.

The Apothecary HAS to be Ironic so it's a position given to Death.

I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head, so I'll leave it at that for characters. But modelwise, there's a few funny ones I can think of.

Blitzers or Blockers would be Wizards with the biggest guts, big round bellys . One of the catchers would be a take from the Female Human Uncertain Receiver, but instead of opening his top he'll just lift his robe to make a net.

That's my idea for a Male Human Bloodbowl team. Once I get the details down, I'll probably look into it and then see how far the Unseen Academicals can get.


I damn Blarkon for giving me the idea for "Shirtless Chaos" - a Chaos Bloodbowl team that is made up of Warmachine Figures. Doomreaver Linemen and Nihilator Blitzers. I don't know what else to use, because there's nothing else that's really shirtless, but damn this is fkn ridiculous.

11 March 2011

Arcade Cabinet update

Whelp, ladies and gents, I think I have a solution. After thinking for quite a long time about what picture i want on the side of the Arcade Cabinet, I realised I want nothing more than Sonic. Fair call, I say.

But you know what else I have? I have a Playstation 2. I have a CD called the "Sonic Mega Collection" which, as you may or may not have guessed, has a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog games on it.

So if I get myself a VGA Cable that'll work (I'll have to fork out about $30 or something), I can plug it up to the LCD monitor mum gave to me (or that unused CRT monitor I could pick up from work), make the frame following the instructions of old mate Dugell with small modifications involving the Playstation 2 console I have, and Bam! I got myself a sonic the hedgehog arcade machine for my Nerd Hold.

I could make it right now if I could be bothered dropping the $130+shipping on the 2player controller... and then the, probably not really close to, $100 for MDF and pine frames. Oh and the $10-20 for the monitor...

Dollars. What are they good for. They just get in the way.

09 March 2011

Onward to Nerd Hold!

I think my mood for video gaming has begun to wane again. Lately I have been playing Castle Crashers, because I picked it up knowing that it's a really fun game by playing the Demo. Picked it up and bam, played it with Scotty and Dick and mowed through the game like a goat through your washing.

I went to their website, www.castlecrashers.com, and looked at the latest blog entry. Turns out their preparing for the Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) and to promote their game they've made a series of Arcade Cabinets. It looks awesome.

Since then, I've been practically obsessed with the idea of making an Arcade Cabinet. One day I will have my own Man Cave which i will call Nerd Hold because when I was trying to type the name of it earlier I put in a D instead of an E and frankly it just sounds cool (btw Kel, if Alex's little castle gate goes missing one day, I didn't steal it even if it is standing over the door for added effect).

So now I've been playing with the idea. It'd have to be designed for four players on a curved table (so nobody is playing with a twisted neck) and room for food and drinkholders (if it's for personal effects, you know at least 3 people will be drinking on its christening), and the lot of em will plug into a console of some sort. I thought about adding a stereo and speakers to it, something for some bass I thought before thinking "What am I, a guido?"

No, sir. I am not.

To boot, the space lizard Blarkon himself pointed me to a mate of his who scratch built his own cabinet! Under AU$500 too! Thats just awesome! (I'm sure if I slipped the boss a few dinero I could nick the CRT monitor that's sitting in the corner at work... if it still works that is...)


But yeah. I even toyed around with the idea of having two cabinets but themed based on their console. So a Playstation one would look like a Giant Playstation Portable, and the Xbox one would look like this but put a rectangle for the screen. Or do their controllers respectively. I dunno, we'll see I suppose. This is for years down the track when I get Nerd Hold up and running.

Arcade Cabinet Concept #1 on TwitpicArcade Cabinet Concept #2 and #3 - Console Themed on Twitpic