31 May 2010

The little Tunneller that Gunned

The Grinder Tank is a special little Unit. He's modest, sports some tank tracks and a short range turret on his back. He burrows, he shoots and he scores. Game on, I say. However, I don't know the stats to the Grinder Tank. I would imagine they wouldn't be far off from Mr Ral-Kurrilik, the Character Grinder Tank.
Subterran grinder tanks are known for their destructive prowess. Rumors persist of a particularly ferocious grinder tank that positively thrives on destruction. Its very presence incites the Subterran forces to a deadly and empowering anger.
A quote from the Monpoc Insider about Ral-Kurrilik, and to follow "IH8M" tradition, we give some of those tongue twisters a new nickname. And I think I shall name him Cranky. He's destructive, he's angry, and he's good at range and in melee.

Now I have your interest.

So we begin. He spawns out onto the field for a cost of 2. Considering he would be akin to an Elite of Grinder Tanks, it stands to reason. Being a Limited unit also stands smartly, as quite frankly the paradox of two sets of Cranky shouldn't be fathomable. Hence, the "Limited" ability. As staple, the guy burrows and at a Speed of 5 spaces. Raise your hand if you're surprised.

Frankie? You can put your hand down. You weren't listening anyway.

Now we move onto what makes him unique. To begin, lets go with the obvious: Rage. Rage is an advantage noted by the gigantic star tattooed with a tooth bearing grin to signify anger. Fair enough. The rule states that "if this figure hits with an attack gain +1 power die". Cool bananas, you hit with an attack you gain an additional power die. Doesn't matter what attack it is, brawl, blast, baked bean farts. It's all the same, so long as you hit. And with Crankys Brawl and Blast of 3*1, he's got a reasonable chance to hit stuff. If not, he's combined in an attack with either brawlers or blasters and he gives a reasonable benefit on top. Heck, if he's not an Eilte Figure then that makes for some powerful combos.

But you know what? You don't need him to shoot. No no, he doesn't need to be in a combined attack to give the full benefits of Rage. Why? Because he permeates an Aura of Rage. That's right, the Rage Ability is Red, so any figure within the 8 squares surrounding Cranky will suddenly get angsty and fire off with extra vim and vigour.

So now he has one last spot for an ability. What could be put there? Surely you'd think something to define him as a Brawler or Blasting figure? Or another ability that he can share to others to emulate his hissy fits. No, they give him an ability I haven't seen since Yasheth.
Sidestep: if an attack against this figure fails to hit, this figure may move 1 space.
It's an interesting choice, and makes me think of Warmachine a little. A figure called Beast-09 has ability called "Hyper Aggressive" where he advances closer when he gets hit. So I imagine Cranky gets nipped on a track, or the shoulder of the turret, and he looms closer, planning on getting closer to smack face against his new target. And with a Defence of 4, Def 5 if he's in cover, it's not like he's going to die easily unless he's the target of a reasonable combined attack.

But that is Cranky. He's the little Tunneller that Gunned, and he's coming soon.

Next: Not the Defender of the Universe!

28 May 2010

They call me... CLAMPS

Welcome back to "I Hate Mogroth" and your regularly scheduled program of drivel. Today we come back after a few weeks, months even, of a Monsterpocalypse Drought. Yes, a Monpoc Drought, ladies and Gentlemen. Little to nothing has happened in Brisneyland in regards to Monpoc and we continue to await the next series: Big in Tokyo.

To compensate, Privateer Press have released stats for the upcoming monsters and character units coming in Big in Tokyo! To which brings us our first post, another Matt Groening reference, Mr Clamps.Formally known as Hammerklak-Korvissik, he stands strong with two grappling hands as he explodes from the floor beneath him and snaps at his enemies with mandibles of steel. That's right. He doesn't have any laser eyes, or shoulder mounted rocket pods. No, he is a Brawler and Super Power Attack Monster. That's right, a Super Power Attack monster due to the Super abilities he Sports: Super Stomp and Super Strength!
  • Super Stomp: Gain 2 Power Die per Unit crushed or Building destroyed.
  • Super Strength: Add +1 space to Throw and Smash Power Attacks.
So those grapplers do come in handy, as they can really throw someone that one square needed to land that gigantic Dungbeetle into a chemical hazard. It won't do extra damage, as that's not part of the Chemical Hazard rule, but hey. It may be pertinent later in the game!

Super Stomp is good in Early game, or late game Power Droughts. You park a few useless buildings in a corner somewhere as a emergency battery and you can boost up your battle in a turn. Office Buildings are good that way. But my question is with his design which emulates something of a centauran earthworm, how does one Stomp exactly?

Moving on before I hurt myself.

He's a worm, right? with a torso, of course. Could you imagine a giant earthworm terrorising something like Gorghadra? That could start euphemisms. This is a Family game, guys. Family Friendly! So being a giant worm that slaps people about the face, that means he has the rule Burrow. So he can get deep into the action and make everyone scream. In fright. And terror. Yes. Yes that's it.

And to make every scream? Why not add a little Crunch! Thats right kiddos, he has Crunch on his Brawl attack. A chance for Super Damage as he Clamps 'em means that not only will there be some bruises man boobs around, but so many are going to lose their nose too!

The only fault in doing something as precise as titty twisting, leaves you standing there silly. So the poor fella, obsessed with his teenage bullying years, is left with a modest Defence of 5 and a Health of 5. He'll fall like a sack of bricks, but he's going to satisfy his childhood beforehand.

Now we move onto his Hyper Form, Ultra-Clamps. A boost to the obvious, his brawl and his defence, and then he pulls out the Eye Laser with his Blast stat of 4*1. I laugh that it's a better Blast Stat than Deimos-9, who is supposedly proficient with his ability to Shoot. But here is Ultra-Clamps, blinding everyone with his laser eyes and his Follow Through trigger, where he punches someone and then glares at someone else until they're dead.

Then he runs away, using the Sprint action to park himself behind a unit. Or better yet, using it to get himself closer to his opponent so he can use the aforementioned Example Setting Technique. It all works out well for him with his Burrowing, Super Strength self at a modest cost of 4 Power Die.

Next Friday? Ral-Kurrick, or the little Tunneller that Gunned.

25 May 2010

Free Hole to Hole Action!

Ah, a Blogpost about games. Apologies to those who expected otherwise. May I direct you to Youporn or Redtube?

Some things don't change, and I just haven't stopped playing games. But rather than the usual PS3 I rant and complain and piss and moan about, I've gotten back into Xbox 360. Why? Because I picked one up on the cheap. Rather than fork for a new box, I picked up second hand for about half the price along with extra gadgets (2nd controller, skins, cords and co). I already had a reasonable collection of xbox games, some of which were to be expected (Halo 3 and Gears of War), but I also borrow games from Scotty because he's so behind on his games it's ridiculous. He has about 2 dozen games that he hasn't touched, or only played for 5 minutes, while there are about a half dozen games he plays incessantly or has put them on high priority. Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 are prime culprits, causing him to play and discover every single aspect of the game, from different classes, races, moral choices, new and old characters, etc etc. It's put him behind on his new games which are slowly stocking up in the background.

I've taken this opportunity to dive on some of these games. First up: Splinter Cell Conviction. Now I've played all but the PSP Splinter Cells. They were great games and Conviction doesn't fail to entertain. It's a more vicious take on Fishers adventures where instead of maybe disabling and knocking people out, you simply kill. There's no option to save them, to keep happy the family of the poor oblivious fellow who's standing in the doorway to your next destination. You simply pull the trigger into his kidneys while you silence his cries with a hand over his mouth. The most difficult level I found was the Flashback level, where you don't get much in the way of stealth moves as you go to save Sam from his demise in the middle of the Gulf War. You don't get to Mark anyone for a chain of kills. You can't kill people sneakily in the middle of the day. And everyone is in your fucking way. I ended up distracting everyone by throwing a grenade into the distance and sprinting to the next area. My favourite part of the game is the Interrogations. There's no fucking about with this, you grab the bastard by the neck and hold him up. When he doesn't talk, you walk over to a nearby piece of scenery and smack him into it. If there's a grand piano nearby, Sam punches him and then lines his teeth with ivory. If there's a TV, he lets him see the stars up close and personal. It's several layers of awesome to see Sam finally getting the bullshit out of his system.

Next I move onto is Portal. Okay, so this isn't actually for Xbox in my case. I logged into Facebook one day and saw one of my mates make a massive announcement that "PORTAL IS FREE!" Now, the only thing I really remember out of Portal is Scotty beating the boss (With considerable ease) and then playing the credits song for us, because it is absolutely adorable and has references to Half-Life in it. But when I got the chance to play it myself, by downloading it for free, I jumped on the chance. It was short lived, as I finished the game MUCH sooner than I expected, but it was s till good fun while it lasted. Portal flashed it's "Speedy Thing Goes In, Speedy Thing Comes Out" system awesomely and I'm quite excited for the sequel which is due to release sometime in the future.

Back to the Nerd-box, I plundered games from Scotty and got my hands on Halo ODST. I've enjoyed Halo for as long as I can remember. I still can't get past the beginning of the second level on Legendary on the First Halo game, but that's why I drop it down a notch and start getting through the fucking game. Halo ODST was fun, and different to the usual Halo style of play not only because you're not a Spartan but because your main character, known only as ROOKIE, runs around an open map that he can either sneak about on, or he can go ahead and shoot the shit out of some Brutes. He can find Audio logs littered across the map as a side option and as more are collected, weapons cache's are revealed. Very fun game and Firefight and game modes like it (Gears of War 2: Horde) I take my hat off to.

Moving on we have Wet, the Quentin Tarantino Video Game. Acrobatic, Slow-mo, Gunfights with a hot computer generated form of Eliza Duschku? Game on. It's not the most fantastic of games. Sometimes it's a little confusing, especially when everything goes to Red, White and Black, but that's just part of the fun. And I have a Dodgy old TV, but that's to be expected. But it's a fun game that I'm yet to finish.

Otherwise, games have been pretty stagnant. I've got my models slowly getting done (and I mean slowly) and I'm spending this week at home because 1: I'm rather sickly, 2: I'm tired, 3: The two together concoct into something that really drags out a day and motivation at work.

Apologies in advance to Kel, as it is another week I don't get to see him. Shit, I got hate texts from Sherrie because I didn't come into Fastbreak today!

17 May 2010

Developing Internet Fame

Waking up like a bear with a sore head is what I felt like on Saturday. I have the flu and it hit like a Semi-trailer to a Roo crossing the road. I was not a pleasant sight, even to myself. Good thing I didn't go to the bathroom and check the mirror first thing. I would've cracked my face.

I spent the better part of the morning revelling in my own disgusting illness before clambering out of bed to talk to jenny, while Dee's Brother and Father assembled an Ikea cupboard for her while she was at work. It was a good morning, but it was not to last. At around 1 I got off the call to Jenny so I could shear off what facial pubes I had and have a shower.

Fun Fact: I used aftershave (OMG!) and found it to be a better smell than the sheared stubble which smells like it's burnt.

This is where I made my way to The Mana Bar, a Video Gaming bar based in Brisbane where I was to meet up with mates of mates and a couple of Burgers. Bart, a good mate of Kel and Co, was in town and he suggested the Mana Bar as a good place to start off his day after landing in BNE with his partner Adelle. We met up there and began to play. Other attendees included Greg, Eva and Michael, Havock, Simon, and Natalie the Spy (Whom Havock has now dubbed Spanky), Toni, Abe, and Greg. And there was someone else, but with memory like water through a sieve I tend to forget these things. Particularly names.

It was great fun playing Mario Kart, parading around as a Koopa Troopa in the baby booster and careening off the edges of the circuits and into the abyss below. Then there was Bomberman. I've never played it before but it was easy to learn. Stay away from the bombs which knock out destroyable blocks next to you along with whomever is standing next them. And you can't move through them either, so some players may get trapped between bombs or blocks. Like I did. Three times in a row. At the beginning of the level.

The last game we played was Mortal Kombat Vs DC Comics. Greg was first to play and anyone who knew Greg well enough, which was the better part of the present group, knew he was going to choose Green Lantern. But what I found to be the coolest part of this table was the Arcade Stick and Buttons controller!

As it crept later into the evening there was mention of dinner and since my only ambassador of consumable items was the squat pimply guy they send to the shit jobs by convincing him that it's going to make a breakthrough in his career along with the guy with that chiselled jawline and the clean pressed suit and always forks off the work to his accomplice because he's there to look good, AKA: The Sleven Travellers Pie and a Packet of Chips, I was easily convinced into organising something a little more satisfying.

So we left and went straight to the Arts Theatre to eat at the Tibetan Place next door and had the $25 Buffet. Started off with Entrees of Beef Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Bakora, and something else that I can't remember. Water through a sieve, y'see. The Main course was a large bowl of white rice, shared a simple set of Fish, Beef and Chicken Curries that were passed up and down the tables. The beef was certainly the best one.

As the first bell tolled for everyone to pour into their seats of the Brisbane Arts Theatre, our troupe entered the small promenade and weaved through the crowd to collect our tickets and watch the Final showing of the Tasmanian Babes Fiasco.

Once again, it was a great show. This time, to add a little flavour to the several herbs, spices, staples and tube socks, John Birmingham came out just after Intermission to survey the stage, light up a bong and toddle back down to his seat in the front row.

Back to the garden of the Brisbane Theatre, the audience enjoyed conversing with each other about the play and with the actors to show their appreciation. Until a voice rang out into the crowd, bellowing from the owner.

Now were my memory nothing like water through a sieve, heck if it were poorly whipped cream through a sieve it'd be better, I would be able to quote the rather humorous fellow who made a commemoration to Simon Bedak and John Birmingham. Last year the allegedly* made a suggestion that if a commemoration were ever to be made to them, it would be for a toilet. And so, their commemoration had been dedicated to the Brisbane Arts Theatre Urinal. A fresh metal chain was to be placed onto the water reserve, and a plaque placed outside of pissing range above the aforementioned Urinal.

* - I've always wanted to say that. Makes me feel like some sort of Journo.

The night was not done. Oh no, Bart and Adelle, Eva and Michael, and Greg were up and about and ready to feast on dessert. And what was their war cry into the night? TO THE PANCAKE MANOR! I tousled about and said my hi's and goodbyes before heading off into the night with the delighted troupe.

One thing we forgot to account, however, was how packed the Pancake Manor is. When we arrived, we asked for a table and it was another Half Hour wait before we would've taken our seat. This is at Midnight, so Pancake Manor is quite popular in our little nick of the woods.

We parted ways, saying goodbyes and "What a pleasure to meet you" and I made for the Taxi Rank outside Irish Murphys so I could make my way home. Everyone lived southside, with their own rides home, so it was a little bit of a lonely ride. C'est la vie.

The morning brought on it's own set of surprises. I began the morning talking with Jenny and we discussed the nights entertainment, and I informed her of everyones curiosity about when she's coming over and when I'm going there. I made her smile, and that's what's important to me.

Then, as she began to drift off, she made one last check to Facebook. Lo' and behold what the taste buds of her retina delighted in.

Throughout the day/evening of the Mana Bar, they took photos. That photo was during a game of Bomberman, where I repeatedly committed hari kari at the beginning of the Level. Throughout the Sunday more and more comments were loaded onto Facebook, the ever growing popularity of it all was approved by many. There were links to an fro, the owners Tweeted and Shared to their friends on Facebook on how awesome the photo is.

And then Guy contacted me. Guy is one of the owners. He friend requested me. Then he said about putting the photo on a weekly poster.

I said yes.

"And on the Seventh Day God made Humour;
And it was Good."

11 May 2010

Adorable and Awesome in the same Context

My Playstation 3 is a valuable piece of digital entertainment of mine. I've gotten myself a good bakers dozen of disc games, and almost another dozen of downloaded games for the PS3 and a couple PSOne classics.

The PS3 has some awesome Exclusives as well. Infamous and Resistance 2 are some good ones. Infamous using a take on Superhero powers and putting it in a Sandbox format, and Morality to affect how the game plays. Resistance 2 is a very fun take on alternate history where Aliens invade not long after the Tunguska event.

LAIR is another exclusive, but one I'm not particularly favoured to. It's a flight sim using dragons. The main problem with it is the controls are awkward, even when you turn off the Six-Axis Control system (Where you have to tilt the actual controller to adjust your dragons direction).

Ratchet and Clank is my favourite Playstation Exclusive. You're a dude running around with an impressive variety of Weapons and Gadgets so you can solve puzzles and disrupt your enemies attacks. You can use the Groovitron to stop your enemies from attacking and start bustin' down while you continue to hammer them with your Razor Claws and Mr Zurkon continues to float over your shoulder shooting someone else who's been caught by your Mag-Net launcher. If you get through the game enough, you could just get lazy and obliterate whatever is in front of you with the RYNO (Rip Ya a New One).

And all your enemies are Fish in Robot Suits!

But sometimes you can't go past a platformer, the title given to games where your character runs across a series of platforms to beat a timer, or just search until they've found something important. Scattered about are collectable items that give you extra lives for when you fall into a dangerous hazard, or maybe a special boost to get you through a level quicker, or maybe affect something at a different section of the level.

Playstations Exclusive to this is Little Big Planet. It is the most adorable game you may ever play. The levels are what you would see if you made an obstacle course out of some cardboard boxes, some colourful nikko markers, streamers, boggle eyes, felt, pipe cleaners, paper clips, cotton wool, a smoke machine, wool stuffing, tacky material, LEDs, and a whole bunch of stickers.

Now make your own level. You can get a blank level and make the obstacle course you were probably think of just now, and add a little more imagination to it as you work with the system. And when you're done, you can upload it to the net for others to play on it and say “Wow, this is awesome”.

Then make your character out of a Hessian sack, given him a big head and a pair of beady eyes. And then when you get bored with him, add accessories such as a Zebra tail, a pink lifering, glasses, a beard and a winters hat. Maybe give him a pair of gumboots too. Oh, and change from a Hessian sack to a blue and black graphics card design. Something like out of Tron if you will.

Or you could design him to be as a favourite character of yours, such as a Sonic the Hedgehog, a character from Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, or Kratos from God of War; dress yourself for the Chinese New Year; Put a TV on your head; Get eaten by a vicious pot plant; maybe even a zombie bride.

The possibilities and combinations are phenomenal.

And now they're making a sequel.

I'm excited. This looks freakin awesome.

05 May 2010

So I've had a big week.

Thursday night is regularly reserved for hanging out with Kelvin and some of his boys, boys such as Humphrey, Greg, Agro, and Draco (Sp?). Well it was Gregs Birthday on Monday and his Birthday usually falls around the May long weekend. And, per tradition written over the past decade or two, a movie is released on the Thursday nearby.

This year is Iron Man 2. And to further follow tradition we went and saw it in Imax: Front Row Centre. A 6 story tall playing of the film in more than 120 degrees of vision.
Fun fact: Iron Man 2 doesn't come out until this week or next week in Kalamazoo.

It started off with a fun few drinks at the bar across the road, with Greg showing patronage to Iron Man by flashing his Gadgets (Photos will be up later) while mates slowly encroached and joined before the actual film. I even came across Eva, who I hadn't seen since Waggles left for Canadia, eh.
I believe my opinion of the movie has been expressed.

Friday was very fun. About a week or two beforehand, I was talking to Jenny and she passes on a note that left me a little curious.
"Chaz wants to know if you're coming to his dinner party?"
"What? Chaz is inviting me?"

Well, how could I say no? I just got somewhat singled out to come, and I was keen anyway. Well I didn't realise it was on until Jenny mentioned it, but I would've been keen anyway.

So come the night and I didn't want to go home to zillmere only to come straight back out to get to the Venue on time. So I pondered over to the Mirasoul straight after work and got there at about half 5ish, picked up a schooner of Bulmers and sat down to play with my phone for a bit more, texting those who would probably reply.

Time passed and the first of the pack arrived: Domestic Daze, or as I've come to affectionately know her in my head: Little Sue. She walked in with her drink (Buggered if I know what it was) and we began having a good ol' chat. Twas like talkin' to me mum, it was.
*Cough* Accents aside, she showed off her blue/purple sequinned shoes and i compared hers with mine, which are falling apart at every seem and have literally warn through two parts of the soul on each shoe.
"I bet they're real Cons too."
"Nup. $20 from Kmart."
They've lasted a good 2-3 years now.

During this time, Chaz has turned up and offered some wine and we had an early cheers to having a good night. Slowly but surely others turned up. Beeso, John, Greybeard, Chaz's wife (I forgot her name, but I remembered that she was Argentinian!), Aunty Quokka and Partner (I forgot his name too, but he's a really nice guy), Monster Yuppy and Girl Clumsy, and another lady that turned up but I've really forgotten her name. Her and John were good friends though.
Fun Fact: Aunty Quokka is Hot! Not as hot as Jenny, but credit where credit is due.

Food came out and it was fantastic. We had to dance around some pieces here for Little Sue as she doesn't eat Pepper, and Cheese just disagrees with Chaz like a Bull to Red Cloth. I was entertained by the Aparagus wrapped in pastry though. Really tasty. The things you can do with pastry, honestly.

The night continued with entertaining chats from all and, as parties at a pub do, they wind down. And it came down to Me, Chaz, Chaz's wife and Johns Friend who's name still eludes me. We wandered up to the Brisbane Arts theatre to say goodbye to Nat and mingle with people here and there.

As the cast came out, which was before the audience did, Arian popped out and saw me.
"Hey Medway."
"Hey Arian."
"What are you doing here?"
I lol'd and told him the tale of Chazmeister and Co and how we like to visit people in the night to enjoy tomfoolery and hijinks.

So after a bottle of water to rehydrate I caught a taxi home, sent a few messages to Jenny to make her smile during her lunch (Boy did I make her smile that day) and then retire into slumber for...

Saturday was a day for gaming. Originally planned for returning a postal stuff-up, I went to Blind Pig with Richard in Tow as driver.
That doesn't sound right, but it's true.
Fun fact: Blind Pig is a gaming club, and not a country event where you get a hot polka, sear out some hog sockets and see which one can kick the shit out of the other one before turning them into dinner.

I brought what was in my Games Case (which I don't think I've posted a photo of on here, but may do one day) and figured that along with returning the figure that I didn't ask for but got anyway, I'd have a few tests of the Man-O-War list I have at a 35pt level.
Disclaimer: If I start talking Nerd to you, which I probably will for the next few paragraphs, please skim to something you may understand. But do stop for the fun facts!

So two games were pulled off using the following figures
  • Epic Irusk
  • Berserker
  • MoW Bombardiers (5)
  • MoW Demo Corps (5)
  • MoW Shock Troopers (5)
  • MoW Drakhun + Dismount
First game was against Alan. Alan is a Smart man, a very Tactically minded man. I've had very few games where I've won, but more often than not I give him a Hard Match. I make him pull out many tricks. This was one of those games.
  • Epic Kaya, with Laris
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Argus
  • Argus
He was underpointed to start, with 3 points under which I realise now after calculating it, but he still had a hard fight. We had a fairly open playing field, with a few linear obstacles here and there to clamber over. I had Demo Corps on one flank to run about, and Shocktroopers to follow up with their high Armour to defend the Bombardiers and Irusk who was close behind, which the Berserker and the Drakhun followed up the right flank.

Needless to say, Alan was a little worried. So he cast a spell which prevented himself from being targetted effectively (Stealth for those playing at home) and moved over into a corner away from the Demo Corps (who are the Hard Hitters).

I figured he was juuust close enough. The Pureblood Warpwolf was a little out in the open. The Argus was closer. So I cast a spell to instantly push the Berserker 3" Forward so that I could try and get him into charge range of the Pureblood. With a little premeasuring from Irusk (Yes, this is legal gaming folks) I found I was just short of the Warpwolf. But not of the Argus. So move in for the charge, miss on the boosted first attack and hit on the second boosted Attack.

The Berserker has a rule which means that if he's given Focus, you roll a d6 and if your roll is equal or less than the number of points of focus then the Berserker EXPLODES. Usually when it's fully loaded, the Berserker has 50/50 chance of exploding. Best part of it exploding is that it still tears the living shit out of whatever was near it.

This was where Alan pulled out a Run Away Tactic. He uses Kayas feat and moves out to the other side of the board. The Warbeasts disarm the explosive device, normally called a Berserker, by tearing him a new arsehole. Then as they finish their activations, they teleport to where Kaya is.
Simple tactic. One thing stuffed him up, which was the Drakhun Counter-Charging his Pureblood Warpwolf, but it still didn't stop him from eliminating the Berserker. And he dismounted the Drakhun too!

My turn pushed further forward into Alans ground, pushing him further into a corner. Some Demo Corps got a few swings in, and this is where Alan learnt to respect Epic Irusk again. Warrior Figures within his Command Range gain Tough: Roll a d6. If the result is 5-6, then the figure is knocked down and on 1 wound.
I got plenty of tough rolls to aggravate him a little.

The next couple of turns was a slow wear and tear on both sides. Man-O-War were either dying or dropping to 1 health, and Warbeasts were slowly being diced into little doggy treats. Eventually it came to the final turn. I had a Bombardier, the Dismounted Drakhun, and a few Shocktroopers here and there and a Demo Corp that just wouldn't die, while he was toting Laris, an Argus and a Feral Warpwolf which had a bonus to Strength and Defence (Forced Evolution).

My plan was simple. Irusk places down an AOE that allows him and his Friendlies to ignore the linear Obstacle while moving.
Fun fact: I have a new found respect for Coles Orange Juice.

The Bombardier moves out of the way to try and attack Laris. The Bombardier hits and gets a Critical: Shred off, which allows him another attack. After a good damage roll, Critical: Shred triggers again. After a comment of "You can't kill Laris by yourself" from Alan, the Bombardier missed with his third attack.
This is where Irusk Charges Kaya. He gets in two attacks and smacks her twice but with bad damage rolls, sadly. I knew it was over, but I was going to make a fight out of it. The Demo Corp stood up and took a couple of swings at the Argus... and Missed. The Shock Troopers charged Laris and eliminated him from the table. The Drakhun attempted a swing at Kaya, but failed MIserably, and was subsequently knocked down as Kaya did an immediate attack back and forced a Tough Roll on him.

In the end, Kaya ended up Destroying the Bombardier to leave room for the Feral Warpwolf to come into contact with Irusk and show him what Doggy treats really look like.

That was a fun game. I would've been boned if he had something else in there.

The second game was against Rory.
  • Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion
  • Beast-09
  • War dog
  • Doom Reavers
  • Great Bears of Gallowswood
  • Kayazy Assassins (10)
  • Kayazy Assassin Underboss
  • Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
  • Manhunter
  • Manhunter
It was basically a white wash. After his 2nd turn, I had about a half dozen MoW on the board and Irusk. It was coming to the end of the afternoon and I couldn't figure any way to succeed, so I said "right. Your rolls are too good. Good game Rory.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. It was fun and now I need to sleep.