30 June 2009

And the horse you rode in on

I'm a gamer, right?
I play a fair few games, right?
I rarely win but that's not the point of it, right?
Apparently I may have the wrong idea.

A regular Monsterpocalypse tournament that I'm a part of has had one of its players drop out because "people were too arrogant when they win".

Now, I'll admit that I may be a little excited when I win. One of the earliest I can remember is at Gencon Oz 2008 at the Warmachine Hardcore Tournament. I was playing against this lovely fellow from Newcastle and he had a list made up for him from the Tournament Organiser, Kel, whom he was also staying with.
I saw an opportunity. His Warcaster, Epic Nemo, was in the midst of a forest but had Line of Sight to my caster, Epic Irusk, so he used his ranged attack. I quickly asked if he agreed that I had LOS to him as well, to which he agreed that I did. So I cast "Artifice of Deviation" to let him pass the Rough Terrain and charged Epic Nemo, making two attacks against the old Codger, and secured myself a victory.
To which I jumped up and down excitedly, surprised that I actually won. I didn't expect to win at all that day, however on the first match I achieved an Assassination, which also contributed to my excitement as if I ever have a victory, it is not through assassination.
I did shake his hand and thanked him for a difficult game (he was on the right track to victory), but I felt bad afterward. It was rude of me to do what I did, regardless of whether I was praising myself or not. I certainly didn't say "Oh, you suck" etc, as that is certainly not something I would do.
Ironically, I won "Best Sportsman" at the event. I certainly didn't expect that. I've told the story many times of how Kel made a speech about how this is his favourite award, turned to me for a second or two and then said my name, and my immediate reaction of screaming the word "WHAT?!"
I was lucky enough to see the same fellow a few months later at Cancon and he didn't mind. I apologised anyway.

This is what made me happy. I play a good game. I won't win, but I'll make them work for that win (most of the time). Only on certain losses do I mull on it but that's still a rare event on its own.
In recent times, it has been a pendulum scenario, where the will try an assassination on my warcaster and fail, then I would do the same to them, failing as well and leaving myself exposed, securing them a victory.

But obviously this does not appear to be the case for our little absentee.
Now, he's an excitable little creature. I've had him jump up and yell something out at my monster when he has pulled out a really good move.
But he doesn't like to lose. Nobody likes to lose. However, there is always a point to be gracious about it: So that you may face them again without apprehension. Like making a good impression on a first date.
That is what we mostly do. Granted, Aaron is as boisterous as they come, but certainly not arrogant.

This shattered me. I looked back on it and thought "What have I done wrong? What was it that made this fellow abandon this group of gamers?"
I ask this because I was a regular opponent in the tournaments.
The only answer that came to me is from an old quote:
Some People will speak to certain others and say "I can't understand them, what is wrong with me?"
Others will speak to the same people and say "I can't understand them, what is wrong with them?"

I agree. As rude as it is, that quote probably does sit fairly accurately with him. There are still people in the world who take that viewpoint and will go to such lengths as to become zealous about this point.
Should it worry me about the future?
In the eventuality where I face off against someone who believes in the same thing, I will continue to be gracious and try not to jump up and down in excitement if I win (I won't make any guarantees, honestly).

28 June 2009

The Cake isn't a lie. It's just Hiding

My weekend was good.
It wasn't the best, but it was still good.

It started on a Friday. The Night before I had seen Transformers 2, a movie that I certainly enjoyed, aside from the unneccessary sections. I was happy. I still had Jetfire blabbering away about his history in my head.
The only trouble with the day was the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. And a rumour of Jeff Goldblum passing as well.
The night held a dinner at Sizzler, to celebrate my Uncle Scotts 50th. I ordered a course of BBQ Honey Pork Riblets. Sizzler, however, don't have access to very good riblet meat and I was left feeling a little sick.
As time continued, I was given a lift home and I went to bed.

Then Saturday rolled around. I had made plans to go to the Gold Coast, and when I returned, I would have my birthday party.
The Plan followed through well. I went down the coast to play Dungeons and Dragons, and brought back a friend of mine to join my birthday party.
The birthday party was good. It segregated into two groups: The Dorks and the Dweebs. The Dorks were under the house, enjoying talks and playing games; whereas the Dweebs remained upstairs and danced and drunk to their hearts content.
A few Dweebs came downstairs to put in their two cents to the group, confused as to why they were playing games rather than being upstairs and drinking and dancing.
A few of my friends came around, and they aren't exactly dorks, but they were uncomfortable around the dweebs. One Dweeb was talking with them and my Not-Quite-Dorks were jesting at her expense, something that my Dweeb friend wouldn't take to heart. However, she did. This is something I'll continue with a little later after I tell tale of the rest of my weekend.
So my guest ended up retiring and I continued to socialise with everyone else. Some more of my friends who are Not-Quite-Dweebs were hanging out the front and drinking. I hung out with her and had an argument about the colour of her car, putting on accents sounding like the Gay Chinese Dude from The Hangover. To which I found out that she's going through a little more stress with her boyfriend.
Now, I like this girl. She's funny, she's confident, and she's doing really well. But this guy she's with, he's a bit of a tool. Just a little. He's a nice guy, and he has her wrapped around his finger.
She was put in the position to debate whether to trust him. Someone they both knew sent her a message saying "Bitch, I fucked your boyfriend" (Not an exact quote) and he's cheated on her before. So she wasn't sure who to trust. She doesn't want to be fucked around again, but she doesn't want to punish him for something he didn't do.
I didn't know what to say. I've been in the same position, except maybe a little more intense. My girlfriend had a history for being promiscuous. Everyone knew that. So everyone came up to me and said "Hey, she cheated on you with such-and-such", whether it was someone we both knew or someone completely random that just didn't like her. I didn't know who to trust, and I chose to believe her.
In the end, I broke up with her after five months. Whether it was a good idea or not, that remains unanswered.
But now someone else is in the same position. From what i can tell, she has given him the benefit of the doubt. She has known him for many years, dating him for the better part of it, so she is certainly loyal. Time will tell. I have been charged from her to keep better contact, rather than only on special events.
Eventually, everyone left and we retired.

The next morning was Sunday. There was a little cleaning up and My guest, myself and the Dick left for a Monsterpocalypse Event. Before the game really started, Kel (the Organiser) made a declaration.
I am under orders by my lovely wife, Tash, to give you this.
*Presents a Fresh Cream Covered Spongecake*
These guys are awesome. And so, the cake was shared around and we continued on. I lost 3 of the 3 games. Technically, I won the last event as I didn't have an opponent and recieved the "Bye", which I consider to be the wrong word and should be "Buy" instead.
Kel throughout the day had been playing against people who had the Buy (I like it and I'm sticking to it). So I played him at the end of the day. It was looking good for me. But, as the pendulum swings, I made one move and it was all in his favour in the end.
I did come quite close to having a tie though. All I had to do was hit with my spitters and squix twice. I didn't quite get it, but it was close.
After that, my Dork friends and I went to play Dungeons and Dragons where my character attacked and mauled anything that was not friendly, and mostly succeeded.
The night ended with installing a webcam that my mother bought me for a dollar and talking with a new friend.

So I return to the subject of saturday night and socialising.
The segregation was a little odd, I find. Now I know a fair few people from different worlds. Very different worlds. Some obnoxious, some quiet and shy, some wise and entertaining, some just downright arrogant.
The party had a few dabbles of this. I didn't think about how they would mix. Didn't think at all.
The Dorks came downstairs and played games, while the Dweebs were upstairs drinking and dancing.
I wonder which one is better though. The Dweebs like me. Sure, that's fine. But they don't understand the Dorks. They don't WANT to understand the Dorks. Their way is the way it should be.
Some of the Dorks don't feel entirely comfortable with the Dweebs. One has a priority of "Games first, chicks second", rather than the typical "Girls then Geeks". It's good, in a way, because he's usually quite honest. The largest downside is that he pulls out jokes that reference games that some people won't quite understand.
The Dweebs that came down talked with a few of my friends that turned up here and there. Now, they joked with each other. However the Dweeb, as drunk as she was, took it to heart. She was paranoid that they didn't like her and were picking on her. Yes, she's insecure for various reasons. But it pisses me off that she would take a joke to heart when she does the same thing to the Dorks. Its fucking Hypocritical. But that's not going to happen.
It has happened before. I was doing my thing in the loungeroom, playing a game, and the Dweebs were picking making jokes about me playing this particular game. I got fed up and went into my room to do something else since they obviously wanted to watch a movie on the television.
And they wonder why I have become more and more reclusive.
The Dorks are all lovely people. I can speak highly of some and say the opposite for others. But they are still my friends, and it disappoints me that I can't mix these two worlds.
But, that's what you get for not thinking ahead.

25 June 2009

Open! I said Open! Ah Bollocks

Alright, Transformers 2 Spoilers combined with rants ahead. You have been warned.

I enjoyed it. They didn't Fuck around with it, right at the beginning, they got the bots out to kick arse and ask questions later.
Every single fight was pretty much fantastic. The fight where Optimus died? Yeah, that is what a Leader should be able to do. That is what Optimus is to me. A leader for a good Fucking reason. Wise, combat competent and a very powerful voice. I was saying on the way home that if you had an army of soldiers with little bluetooth pieces in their ears, with Optimus Prime giving orders, everyone would follow them. If he said "Autobots, Roll out", he'd have a problem of all these people trying to transform into vehicles by wrapping their legs behind their heads while trying to turn their hands into wheels.
But I'll get onto the military in a moment, because I have a thing about it.

The human side I did enjoy. Sam... Well yeah. Still kinda wanna give him a boot up the arse. He's still the panic stricken little word vomiter that watchers are meant to know and love from the first movie. And, secretly, from many different roles that he has had before.
Megan Fox... Damn. Yes, she is much hotter than in the last movie. I adore a woman with curves. Yes, she's still too small to really call her Voluptuous, but speaking relatively, she's going in the right direction. Her character had a flaw. It was one flaw. It was a one track mind. "I'm in love with you and I want to hear you say it, but I'll say it first near the end because that's a cliche that can't be avoided". Didn't really enjoy that.
The parents are the same. I can't change that. I don't want to change that. I like em. "Oh, look. It's his baby booties... Oh Now I'm crying". Entertaining.
The roommate. Why the Fuck was he there? All he did was try to put stress on Sam! He was 130 pounds of absolutely Fucking useless. Comedic Relief? NO! Guh, I just wanted to give him a boot up the arse too!
Agent Simmons? I like him like the parents. He's funny, AND he actually had a role.

Lastly: The military. I really like Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. I appreciated their apperances. However, I realised something in there.
Michael Bay has a Massive Fucking Boner for the US Military.
There was a montage. A Fucking Montage of military vehicles and soldiers taking off, beachfronting, airdropping and doing every sort of Fucking thing that his budget could do to plug these cool aspects of the US Military into the Fucking movie. It was beyond excessive! I realised what people meant by them saying "There's too much human in the movie" and it's all because of this Fucking Montage!

Back to the robots, before I forget, Scoot made a joke about "The Fallen".
"We know why the Primes lost against the Decepticons. It's because they were playing 3.5 D&D rules. See, the Decepticons were all Wizards, and the Primes were all fighters. And because of 3.5 rules, the fighters lost because Wizards can do anything. This movie? Done in 4.0 rules."
The Fallen was a pretty cool character. Aaron pointed out that his first appearance reminded him of the Lich King from Warcraft III. I thought of the Emperor from Star Wars. *Shrug*
And the Constructicons were a little disappointing. When they combined and became what-cha-ma-call-it, it made quite a poor appearance. "Rawr, I'm here. Rawr, I'm sucking Shit up and farting it out. Rawr, I'm throwing off the Twins so I can climb a pyramid. Rawr, I'm destroying the pyramid. Rawr, Don't forget to see my massive prosthetic testicles. Ra-OhIGotShotByARailgunWhereDidARailgunComeFromOhItWasFromTheUSMilitary..."

That's really all I have to say at the moment about it.

24 June 2009

Some days, I just want to play Cribbage

Excitement boils inside me like an egg waiting to be chowed down with a Caesar Salad, and skewered using those tiny little forks that cost about $2.50 at any kitchenware store.

Being the nerd that I am, I enjoy a good video game. Recently, I have had no desire to play video games, whether by personal motivation or by social motivation.

Some games look interesting, but not interesting enough to play myself as they seem very monotonous. An example of this is Crackdown. Now, I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto. It's a fun game. However, it became monotonous by ending up as a game that just wanted you to shoot the shit out of everything you could see, and mini-missions that encouraged this. I'm all for video game violence. Nobody actually gets hurt, and I'm not one to be influenced by this sort of inanity. Heck, I played Sonic the Hedgehog a ridiculous amount as a child and teen, and I don't jump on people.

Now, where was I going with the lead to Crackdown? Well, it's that after seeing someone play Crackdown, it seems to be the same deal as GTA. Just a bunch of missions where you hunt people down and things blow up all around you while you try not to get hit yourself and maybe deflect a missile, throwing it into a building, knocking it over onto the car of the target you're hunting, causing them to drive off into the water and because they can't get out of the car, it explodes, killing them.

While the situation is entertaining, it's a rare event. Most likely, you'll run down the vehicle, pick it up and throw it into the water.

Which is not my idea of entertainment, as later on in the game one would come across another mission where a moment of Deja Vu will occur and the same thing will happen again, except maybe more missiles for you to practice your fly kicks.

It's a 'leave your brain at the door' game.

I'll give it credit, however. Within my friends, I generated a good tagline for the game: "Crackdown: It's bullshit and it fucking knows it". This also applies to Prototype, a game of similar lineage of Crackdown with an added twist: Mutations and Cannibalism.

Thats right, Cannibalism. He's not a bad guy. He's not a good guy either. He IS a strange version of a Cannibal.

Leading back to my point, the same shit with a different smell is not my idea of entertainment for extended periods of time.

Mind you, the comment about Sonic the Hedgehog as a child probably had something to do with it. I became uncannily good in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and while I'm a little rusty at the moment it still shows that I know most of the neccessary tricks and tidbits for completing the game.

So, in search of a game to entertain me, I recently bought a couple of games from EB the other week: Stalker, Shadow of Chernobyl, and Stormrise.

I bought Stalker because I have been in the mood for a First Person Shooter. Unfortunately, this hasn't had the same effect that I was hoping. I began play and after completing a mission or two, I became disinterested.

It is a Role Play game. Unfortunately, I'm not one for playing Role Play games these days. While this does provide a desire to actually use my intelligence to complete a mission, it is not the same receptors flashing away in my brain that I'm desiring.

Which leads me to play Stormrise, a Real Time Strategy game.

I enjoy a good RTS. I bought Warcraft III and Starcraft, along with their expansions, a long time ago because they are good RTS games. I've really enjoyed them, yet have grown a little tired of them. I've gotten into the habit of playing Dota on Warcraft III and not much compells me to play Starcraft at the moment.
I do patiently await Starcraft II. As mentioned, I do enjoy Starcraft, its world and its story. So I nibble on the little treats that are the rumours and Question batches taken from the development team, and the Battle Reports that I download and convert to play on my PSP.

Returning to Stormrise however, it requires Vista or later to play.

My beast of a computer, aptly named "Beast-09" by its builder, The Dick, coincidentally also a Warmachine Reference, still only runs on Windows XP.

What kind of developer makes a demand of it's player base to use an unpopular and dysfunctional Operating System just to play a game? Microsoft. The same company that knows that this OS is extremely buggy, and are halfway through development of the next OS Generation, "Windows 7".

This disappointed me.

Unfortunately, I can't return the games at full price, as it has been over a week. I may just trade it in for a new copy of Frozen throne, as my old copy has disappeared from the face of the earth, leaving me with a plastic Case with a near useless CD-key. I say Near useless as while the CD-key is valid, I receive another CD-key with the new copy.

A long time ago, I played Dawn of War as well. It was the same genre with a few little tweaks, mostly the currency and reinforcement options. The Currency format may have been done before, where you claim points on a map to increase your rate of requisition, then hold them off from your opponents as they batter against your forces. To keep the battle large and continuous, they have the reinforcement, where you spend requisition to add more members to your units over a small build time. Orks enjoy this because if you have more WAAAUGH! the faster they reinforce and the more they overwhelm the opponent.

Continuing on, I have bought Dawn of War 2. A similar system where you collect your points across a map to gain Requisition and Power to upgrade and spawn units. It was good. The single-player kept me entertained through its duration, although was a little monotonous with it's end missions where my squads were close to invulnerable with their Terminator Armour, Rally! ability used when someone is on low health, and Thunderhammers being able to tear apart a heavily armoured enemy in a few swings. Carnifex's, Killa Kans and Wraithlords have no chance of surviving when they are released onto the world.

A video game that is either in development, or soon to be released, I'm not entirely sure honestly, is Splinter Cell: Conviction. I have played the majority of the previous Console titles. I enjoyed them immensely, with Double Agent being quite well favoured. The meticulous execution of espionage in a variety of interesting settings really sets the game high in my favourites list.

The next addition to the series seems to kick it up a notch, speeding up the processes of the game for the player rather than sitting and waiting for a particular trigger to finish before moving on, repeating this process through the better part of the game. While triggers are still an occurrence, reflexes will be on demand more often.

But, that is for the future. For now, the only similarity I can find to this without repeating the previous games is to play World of Warcraft, playing a Rogue.

This is a game that grasps Monotony and expels it into an interesting spiderweb that will splatter across your face and leave a strangely salty taste in your mouth.

Now, I imagine that quite a few people are lacking a bit of iron in their diets, so I can't entirely blame them for the fact that it has taken over their lives. Anemia is a serious problem. But, I have reached close to the characters level limit with one character. I feel like calling myself Snowball Sally sometimes when I think about it. To make things a little more hypocritical, I've begun playing again with a friend. Mind you, I've started at a bad time as my schedule is rather cramped with birthday parties and other gaming events, but will be clear eventually, I'm sure.

Steering away from my occasional fetishes, we move onto the more fast paced games. Returning to the same developers of Splinter Cell, I present Rainbow Six. To date, I have only played the Las Vegas versions. These games are very entertaining with their fast paced action and Teamplay. While the computers are insufficiently intelligent to compliment your own skill, they do provide a good enough distraction here and there for you to take out your opponents. Overall, it keeps the mind at a rise and fall reminiscent of a drive through Brisbane's suburbs.

A few games match this. Gears of War and Army of Two come to mind. Both games that play a third person, cover-interactive style of shoot-em-up with a fast paced sense of mind.
Very entertaining games that had me enthralled all the way through. While Army of Two did lack that little bit of UMPH, a term I use for something inexplicable that reels in the barramundi of interest, it did still have its entertaining moments.

Gears of War did fantastically, keeping things interesting through the whole campaign. And, to top off the ice cream with a cherry, the sequel included an new cooperative option: Horde.

The basis of Horde is that you are a squad of humans taking on waves of Locust that become harder and harder to kill. While the enemies are somewhat set depending on what level you have, with generally easy enemies to start and then increasing to much more difficult enemies at level 10, they increase the difficulty of these enemies with simple things such as increasing damage, and health. It had kept myself and friends entertained for weeks, trying to reach the coveted level 50 where we were confident that enemies were near impossible to defeat and would kill you just by saying "CRUSH". Stupid Maulers.

Continuing through the first person Genre, another game that does enthrall me is Halo.

While being the Love Child of the Xbox franchise, it does stand as a very entertaining game with its setting and occasional aspects of gameplay.

There are only a few aspects that the games really lack, in my opinion.

Halo 1 and 2 suffered from repetitive level scenes. Whilst advancing, your sense of Deja Vu is only shattered by the enemies present in the area. Halo 2 did not suffer as much as the first, but lacked the UMPH.
Halo 3, truly the masterpiece of the set, only lacked from a short campaign. After returning home from EBGame's midnight release of Halo 3, cackling away with excitement with Aaron, we arrived home to play until the dawn with an only complaint that the flood levels were... Dissatisfying. Being that they were the final levels, it was a let down, but still very entertaining.

Which leads me to it's next addition to the family: ODST. ODST's are also known as HellJumpers due to their reckless and life risking entry into combat, dropping from orbit in specially designed pods to land in the midst of combat to disrupt aspects of the battlefield for quick missions.

The scene is different. You, of course, are an ODST. But you have been set off course, and have to make your way back to your squadron. This, to me, implied that it will have to be much more sneaky, maybe more like Splinter Cell. And with the setting of the Halo Universe, it would be very entertaining for an ODST to snap the neck of a Jackal that was in the wrong place, and the player would have to interact with cover alot more.

This is half true. The player will have to be sneaky. The player will have to interact with cover much more, however not with the ease of Splinter Cell, or even Gears of War.

No, the game is relatively much the same.

I'll still play, when it is released, but I may not be as enthralled as I would with my dreamt alternative.

So where does that leave me?

It leaves me waiting for the future. Starcraft II, Halo ODST, Army of Two: the 40th Day, Splinter Cell: Conviction... All very exciting, which is the aforementioned Egg.

What do i do in the mean time? I have World of Warcraft. Yes, it'll pass the time. But I won't be satisfied.
So what SHOULD I be doing? Painting. Painting my models for Gencon 09, in September. Only a few months away!

I play table top games. Warmachine and Hordes, specifically. I enjoy these games. The setting is entertaining, the system is interesting, and currently it works to be a fantastic mental stimulus.

I have lost quite a lot of interest in playing. My models are there, and they are collecting dust because I simply don't want to play. Heck, Vassal is on my computer and I don't even want to play that.

I will still attend the tournament events, of course. The only problem with that is that there haven't been any.
The regular get together I haven't attended due to a little bit of motivation, and a very disrupted sleep pattern. I still get myself into trouble for staying late at Fastbreak of a Tuesday night and waking up like a Zombie, so Wednesday Night I am a little apprehensive to attend.

Blind Pig is set at a good time. Fortnightly from the first Saturday of the month.

I don't attend because, frankly, if I can't wake up early enough to get there before the Sausages are on the BBQ, then it's not worth it. It's nothing against the players there, by far. I enjoy their company. They're all really good people. I'm just lazy.

But I have a mission for the next 2.5 months: Paint my Army of Skorne.

Where I was going with this blog, which has wasted the better part of todays worktime, I have no idea. But I have vented. I want Starcraft II now, to play in peace, to dabble in the intricacies of the Map Editor, and to get into an exciting game.

Update: Oh, yes, I do remember where I was going.

The intrigue that the mentioned games had is now, mostly, lost. I still have the hankering on the odd occasion to play them, but these new games coming out have me excited and anticipating their arrival, as they bring some of my favourite things and expand on them.

But, Time is still going. And I have no idea whether I can get the game any sooner. The game I look forward to most is Starcraft II. While it not only expands on the previous game, it also adds features in Warcraft III such as 3d graphics, and hero aspects. The hero aspect of Warcraft III was a very entertaining thing, because it added more character to the game.

Not to mention, it brought out DOTA. Dota, for those who are unaware, is a Hero-based melee map, where 5 players on each side choose a hero and then level up their characters, buying equipment to power themselves up, and eventually make their way to the opponents prized structure and destroy it, all the while defending their own prized structure. Three pathways, each with a set of 3 defensive towers, lead to these structures. It is one of the more popular Warcraft III: Frozen Throne maps, and is fully supported by the Blizzard Development Team.

Well, time will tell when the game is released.

22 June 2009

When writing Tidbits on my phone, you get Theagus?

I write.
I dont write alot.
I wish I would write more.
While intoxicated, I record this like a stereotypical scribe of the medieval crusade.
Recently i ponder what it is that makes me write. Is it a desire to express? Well yes, that is it. Nothing that i've written means nothing to me. Mind you, its all still drivel in my eyes.
Tonight, i was told that my drivel is entertaining. Like seinfeld.
Seinfeld, for those who dont know, is a show about nothing. It make nothing into entire episodic subjects.
I wont deny it. I have written about trivial things. Very trivial things. And, conveniently enough, its entertaining to those who have read it. Ironic, considering i'm venting out my emotions in them, maybe hoping to be taken seriously.
But i'm still not sure why it is that my writings are so entertaining. Nothing is special about them. Nothing is original. They are jokes similar to other writers, which i will grant, some people may not have been exposed to, but they aren't entirely entertaining.
Mind you, i have not read that much.
However, my definition of entertainment is laughing. I dont try to make people laugh. Sure, there's an occasional bit that is funny, but that is purely unintentional. It's the first thing that comes to my mind at the time.
Why is it that i'm so entertaining?
My two regulars have said the same thing. My blogs are entertaining to read, they are amused by them.

Another Person has agreed that my blogs are entertaining. We even had a rather profound conversation about them, where she unloaded her opinion on the subjects themselves.
It was good. Twas refreshing. A little surprising since we've really only just started talking. Anyway, i still dont get it. The entertainment is there, but not screaming out to me. I suppose i wont get it until someone tricks me into reading my own writing, without telling me that it's mine until i'm done and said "this is awesome".

Through the years, I have developed my writing habits, and slowly they have degraded through my lack of imagination, forethought, motivation and general knowledge of interesting words to make me sound smart. Its an interesting tidbit that someone can conclude after reading an interesting novel, where the author will sound intelligent at one stage, then be bogan like Trev from Punchy.
Nothing comes to interest, short of love lifes and an odd desire to analyse a situation as a professional. Only the other day, i saw a small painting in a shop and wondered what it was that caused this piece to become a sold display.
Easy on the eyes? Not exactly. It tricks the eyes into displaying a variety of concepts in a monocolour world from something similar to japanese calligraphy, however only succeeded in me through sections and not a whole, where one half displayed the sillouette of a man, while the rest remained a skid mark on a roadside.
Obviously this comes under the ideal of conceptual art. In my understanding, Conceptual art is something simple that can display the thousand stories a picture is meant to hold, and not the traditional singular tale.
I am not an art critic. Yet, this is what i come up with.
Why is it that i can't write what i want? There has been, and should still be, nothing stopping me.
This is entertainment? Then let it be and show what the masses say. Come forth, people of the world and bring your honesty, your harsh tones and your calloused minds of your practiced gift.
Tell me what makes you so entertained.

For those who are having trouble reading this due to poor grammar and a curiosity of what the heck a Theagus is, I apologise. I originally wrote this on my phone, my usual outlet. And I have no idea as to what a Theagus is. I'm personally placing it under the catagory of "Ancient Greek names"